For a special event, let us theme your cupcakes with custom fondant shapes, made to order.

Additional costs apply. Orders in advance only (minimum 2 business days notice in advance of collection required). Minimum purchase of 12 fondants in any one colour.







a. large lettering
b. small numerals
c. small lettering
d. punctuation




a. bat
b. grave stone
c. skull
d. witch hat

e. ghost
f. house
g. pumpkin


a. acorn
b. oak leaf
c. maple leaf

a. small handprint
b. large handprint
c. jumpsuit
d. bib

e. car
f. teddy
g. train
h. duck

a. small butterfly
b. small plump star
c. large pointy star
d. small pointy star

e. star burst
f. explosion
g. large detail butterfly

a. cat
b. dog
c. bone

d. spooked cat
e. horse

a. bunny head
b. small bunny
c. cross
d. large detail bunny

e. large detail egg
f. chick
g. small egg

a. closed tulip
b. open tulip
c. flowerpot
d. large flower

e. apple
f. small flower
g. new leaf

a. large shamrock
b. small shamrock
c. pine tree

d. umbrella
e. moon

a. angel
b. christmas star
c. flying angel
d. candy cane
e. bell
f. small angel wing
g. large angel wing
h. gingerbread woman
i. small gingerbread man
j. large gingerbread man
k. detailed snowflake

l. plump snowflake
m. pointy snowflake
n. snowman
o. pointy christmas tree
p. holly leaf
q. sleigh
r. plump christmas tree
s. reindeer
t. detailed holly leaf
u. stocking

a. small kiss
b. large kiss
c. large heart
d. cupid's heart

e. crimped heart
f. double heart
g. small heart
h. tiny heart